Radicalism and religion

Saul of Tarsus, later known as Paul, had been involved with a mystical form of Judaism (possibly Merkabah) before he joined the early-first-century Jewish sect which became (largely through his own writings and missionary activities) a new religion quite distinct from Judaism. Paul knew that his teachings were unacceptable to most devout Jews and would … Continue reading Radicalism and religion


Metaphysics and mystery

The existence of the world of which we are a part is steeped in mystery - by which I mean it is unexplained in any deep sense, not even close to being explained, and possibly unexplainable. The disciplines of metaphysics and epistemology have traditionally been seen to deal with fundamental questions of being and time … Continue reading Metaphysics and mystery

Defining morality

Previously I have talked about the way political orientation is shaped by an individual's moral priorities. Any scale of moral values will not be one-dimensional, but if certain sets of virtues are seen as central, other sets will necessarily be pushed out of the limelight. Gentleness, kindness and compassion; diligence and self-reliance; self-discipline; different kinds … Continue reading Defining morality

Morality and political dogmatism

Political differences are generally based on moral priorities being ranked differently. Moreover, issues which are high on a particular group’s or party’s agenda are issues upon which divergent opinions are not allowed: the party line must be adhered to on pain of excommunication. Such attitudes are profoundly illiberal. They characterized Christian and Jewish and Muslim … Continue reading Morality and political dogmatism

China’s rise and the US dollar

In a recent interview Louis-Vincent Gave talked about the impending showdown between China and the United States, suggesting that China has a better than even chance of success in their attempts to combat the hegemony of the US dollar. https://youtu.be/ZRejBgjCRYU?t=13m40s At the heart of China's strategy is the Belt and Road Initiative (see map below) … Continue reading China’s rise and the US dollar

The media and the Skripal poisoning

The Skripal poisoning saga is a useful test case for deciding to what extent (if at all) the mainstream media is complicit in promoting a false narrative designed to demonize and isolate Russia. Immediately after the poisoning story broke, and before any proper investigation could plausibly have taken taken place, the British government publicly announced … Continue reading The media and the Skripal poisoning