Investment decisions; geopolitics

In a letter to a friend I briefly outlined my current investment situation and strategy. It's important, I think, to maintain a steady and realistic perspective on the general situation in financial markets both for practical, investment-related reasons and also for understanding current affairs. Politics, economics and finance are inextricably intertwined. It helps me to … Continue reading Investment decisions; geopolitics

A case study in noncommunication

The first move was tentative. He "just wanted to pick up on a tangential point" regarding what I had been saying. But this was merely a lead-in, a toe in the water. Joe Smith was responding to a mildly polemical piece that I wrote recently for The Electric Agora. "I was simply making a correction … Continue reading A case study in noncommunication

Scholarship and activism

David Ottlinger has (as I see it) sound intuitions about the nature of postmodernism and other unfortunate intellectual fads and fashions but, as a committed Kantian, he inhabits a very different intellectual world from the one I inhabit. Given his Kantian assumptions, it is no surprise that he has very different views from mine concerning … Continue reading Scholarship and activism